Acrylic Sheet Maintenance
The Combustion Characteristics Of Acrylic

How To Store Acrylic Sheets

  1. Please ensure that the board is placed in a cool, ventilated and dry place.
  2. In high temperature storage environment, it is recommended to use PE plastic film packaging. It is recommended to use the kraft paper packaging board for about half a year to prevent it from being too long, resulting in residual glue on the board surface and poor tearing. Special attention should be paid to the annual temperature above 25 degrees.
  3. The board has PVC edge sealing strips. When storing, special attention should be paid to the neat edges when stacking. Because long-term storage, the edge of the board will have a chemical reaction with the surface of the sheet, and the performance will deteriorate, leaving a white edge board, so the side strips Can not touch the upper panel or lower panel to prevent the panel from corroding and beautiful, cutting cannot be used
  4. If there are no special processing requirements, Aishang recommends that you choose PE plastic film to pack the sliced board. We will ensure that the thickened plastic film is used instead of kraft paper, so that the board has the same better protection effect. It can still be easily peeled off after storage.