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Specialised in the production and development of high clarity and high gloss acrylic

Frosted Acrylic Sheet

Frosted Acrylic Sheet

Frosted Acrylic Sheet Frosted acrylic is often used to make partition walls and decorations. All colors of eyeshine can be made of frosted acrylic for your

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White Acrylic Sheet

White Acrylic Sheet

White Acrylic Sheet White is the most frequently used acrylic color and is widely used in advertising, printing, furniture, decoration, etc. Among them, milky white is

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Light Box Acrylic Sheet

Light Box Acrylic Sheet

Light Box Acrylic Sheet Light boxes are often used in advertising promotion and decoration, and are often used in conjunction with LED lights. If you have

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Print Acrylic Sheet

Print Acrylic Sheet

Print Acrylic Sheet Acrylic sheets are widely used in all kinds of advertising printing. The commonly used colors are clear and white acrylic sheets. If you

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Sound Barrier Acrylic Sheet

Sound Barrier Acrylic Sheet

Sound Barrier Acrylic Sheet The sound insulation screen (Also known as Sound Barrier Sheet) is made up of the basics, column, screen board. Eyeshine can provide

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Laser Cut Acrylic Sheet

Laser Cut Acrylic Sheet

Laser Cut Acrylic Sheet All acrylic sheets can be used for laser cutting, but the difference is that the edges of acrylic sheets of poor quality

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Hi, I’m Sophia, from Eyeshine new material, a professional acrylic sheet manufacturer in China, we also producing pvc sheet, foam sheet, ps sheet, pc sheet…

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Shandong EyeShine New Material Co., Ltd.

Eyeshine New Material Co., Ltd. is located in Jinan, Shandong Province.Our company often exports to Peru, Mexico, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the Philippines and other places all the year round, and our products are widely recognized and praised in the South American and Southeast Asian markets.
Adhering to the development concept of environmental protection and innovation, Eyeshine adopts environmentally friendly materials and pollution- free production methods in production and processing, and specializes in the production and research & development of high transparency and high-gloss acrylic.
Eyeshine’s vision and mission is to help customers provide solutions and provide customers with products of higher value.
Eyeshine’s value is to  become a trusted partner of customers in China.

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Why Choose Us

Quality Materials

Eyeshine new material is an environmental protection company, only use Environmentally friendly materials product.

Experienced Team

Eyeshine acrylic product acrylic sheet nearly 20 years, have full experience in production, usages, process, packing and transport.

Five Quality Inspection

Our production method all based on world top standard, through 5 step quality inspection processes,we guarantee all sheets have high gloss, transparent acrylic keep transparency over 10 years.

Unique Technologies

Our machines are imported from Germany, ensure the flatness of each sheet is very high, very flat, easy process, laser cut, hot bend all ok.
Our Proud

30 Years of Experience

We export to most country, over 100 countries, our good quality suit most market. Our customer return rate is above 80% every year. Eyeshine acrylic sales team all have over 3 years experience, Will give quick feedback on every question you have. We have added 10 new production lines to the export department, ensuring every order is shipped to you quickly.

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We Offer Solutions & Superior Services

We help our customers provide solutions, offer them higher value products
and become their trusted partner in China.

Customer Cases

Our sincere service has won the praise of our friends.
Welcome new and old customers to contact us, establish future business relations and achieve common success.

Mr Ahmad, the UAE client, is a professional acrylic billboard manufacturer in Dubai. He requires acrylic sheets that can withstand exposure to the sun without discolouration, so he needs consistent quality acrylic sheets with uniform colours. In 2019, Mr Ahmad came to our production workshop for a site inspection of the acrylic production line and confirmed that all our production raw materials are made of brand new material. At the same time, our engineers tested our products for Mr Ahmad, simulating a high temperature, strong UV environment to ensure that they would not change colour after a long period of exposure to the sun.

Mr. Ahmad UAE Client

Baths and sinks made from acrylic are becoming more and more popular and are a promising industry, a partner in Australia is ready to enter this industry so has chosen a number of suppliers to provide sanitary grade acrylic sheets and is proud to have us as their long term partner as we always give our customers the most competitive prices based on guaranteed quality.

Ms.Linda Australian Clients

We are proud to announce that our products are becoming increasingly popular in South America, for example in the Peruvian market, where our acrylic panels with plastic adhesive edges are very popular with billboard manufacturers. As a result, A, a very large local distributor of panels, heard about us and then asked their friends in China to come and visit our production plant. We are delighted to be one of A's suppliers and hope that we can grow together in the future.

Mr.John Peruvian Clients

Aisan has extensive experience in engineering and helping clients to bid for projects such as a highway wall project in Mexico, where our experience in design and construction, at a better price, helped the client to bid for the project, which was a great partnership.

Mr.roberto Mexican Clients

We have always considered India as our main market, India has the greatest market potential and we believe that the Indian market is often underestimated, we are more than welcome to consult our partners in India and offer cheaper prices to our Indian customers to help them develop their business to explore more markets as early as possible. With the support of such a policy, we recognise Mr Parkash in Mumbai and we will maintain the most cost effective sales approach in the long term to provide Mr parkash with the most competitive products.

Mr. Parkash Indian Clients

Acrylic is becoming the new trend in the furniture industry due to its outstanding texture and colour. We were delighted to find a business in the UK that specialises in acrylic for accessories. Their focus on high transparency and gloss is exactly what we have been looking for and we are sure we can find more great companies like them.

Mr. Joy UK Clients

Chileans have many artists who are adept at working with acrylic, cutting, polishing and printing acrylic sheets to make shiny decorative objects. At the same time, Chilean partners are full of enthusiasm and we would love to meet more Chilean friends to work with.

Mr.francisco & Ms.jose Chilean Clients

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